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As organizations operate in continually changing environments, leaders and managers are confronted with new problems and challenges that require effective solutions for organizational survival, prosperity, and effectiveness.

At IZ New Consulting, we believe that organizational effectiveness depends on the organization’s adaptability to change.

We are aware that globalization is one of the greatest business opportunities of this era. We know that in order to be successful, organizations need to have a strategic global vision and enact a global business strategy. We believe that the success of a global vision depends on:

  • Global information and communication technology (ICT) capabilities;
  • The organization’s effectiveness to lead global teams;
  • The organization’s ability to manage its human resources and ICT infrastructure scattered around the globe;
  • The organization’s readiness to build strategic and trusted alliances with external partners.

At IZ New Consulting, we have developed a global managerial leadership model to help organizations succeed in the world economy. Our global managerial leadership model has the potential to enhance (a) the organization’s capability to lead and manage globally dispersed resources, and (b) leaders’ ability to overcome global challenges.

To help organizations survive and prosper in the world economy, IZ New Consulting offers a diverse range of training and consulting services in the following areas:

  • Leadership and leadership development in support of globalization
  • Management consulting
  • Information technology consulting
  • International business consulting
  • Global business and economic analyses
  • Strategic Planning/SWOT Analysis

We can help you make a difference for your business. We provide educational and leadership development services for employees, supervisors, and managers.

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